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Advancing professional learning at Australian Science and Mathematics School (ASMS)

Located on the Sturt campus of Flinders University, ASMS has close connections to Flinders research, including that of the Teaching How to Learn team. We liaise regularly with the principal, Jayne Heath, and Jodi Gordon, Director of Professional Learning, to determine the best ways to advance both our own research and her staff’s professional development. ASMS offers a novel, interdisciplinary, student-centred curriculum for years 10-12 in science and math and has created a learning environment which offers a lot of support and guidance to students to learn how to be independent learners. A number of ASMS teachers participated in our 2020 professional learning programs, and more still have been involved in undertaking this year’s programs, including providing feedback about them to our team on 15 June. The school also hosted our research team on 2 March, where we presented a panel about ICAP and SRL to the teaching staff during one of their professional learning afternoons. At the conclusion of each school year, the staff at ASMS take part in the Learning Forward conference, to share ideas and discuss possible action research projects for the future. Our team is eagerly anticipating contributing to this important event. More information to come.