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Promoting Student Agency and Cognitive Engagement in the Classroom.

Teaching How to Learn is a research-based program that investigates how teachers can best help students develop the capabilities of independent and self-regulated learners.

Teaching How to Learn - Professional Learning Resources

Professional Learning Resources

We have developed video-based professional learning resources suitable for both practising teachers and teacher education students. One set of these resources focuses on the design of instruction that promotes student cognitive engagement, while another describes the capabilities self-regulated learners and provides information to teachers about how to promote self-regulated learning (SRL) in the classroom. For the most powerful impact on teacher practice, both sets of resources are recommended. The former help to set up the classroom conditions in which SRL capabilities can flourish, and the latter explain in detail how teachers can promote those capabilities to strengthen their students’ SRL toolkits, and thus help them to become successful lifelong learners.

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